A body shop

Exfoliating Gel
Rm12.00 each
Rm8.00 min 3 pcs
Rm7.00 min 6 pcs

Spa Exfoliating Gel This body has benefited many people. 
It contains 
1. Fruit Blueberries and real fruits extracts
2. Natural collagen
3. Natural moisturizer
4. Vitamin E
5. Natural Mud
6. Mineral salts, and various kinds of natural plant extracts that is needed by our skin.

Body Spa Salts contains all natural salts and mud extracts with natural collagen and moisturizer that leaves your skin clean and clear. Very effective as a disinfectant too.
Besides this, the most real benefit is that it is a natural mosquito repellant with citronella extracts.

YesNow Body Spa contains a variety of natural plant extracts, that remove dust and dirt on our skin, in a short time be able to:

1. Moisturize skin
2. Increasing cell activity
3. Slowing down the aging of skin
4. Remove dead skin cells
5.Whiten skin
6.Smoothing the skin
7. Makes the skin supple

How to use:
Rub gently onto the skin in a stroking manner.
You can feel the building up of the roughness due to the removal of the dirt and dead skin from our skin.
Wash with clean water and you can feel refreshening after the dirt and dead skin been lifted,
The skin immediately feels smoother and whiter.

Net 350ml per tube. 


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